Palate Builder - Blind Exam Prep and Tasting Class
Palate Builder - Blind Exam Prep and Tasting Class

Palate Builder - Blind Exam Prep and Tasting Class

3pm-5pm PST





Take Your Blind Tasting Powers to the Next Level!

Every class features different wines.
We taste 3 wines at a time, blind!
You'll know the list, but can you taste which is which?

Deductive tasting is a fantastic way to learn about wine, and you'll have a blast guessing the right answers! We tell you what each of the wines are and what the hallmarks of their smell and tastes are, but we don’t tell you which wine is which! Trivia questions and other interactive elements keep the good times rolling while you develop tasting skills and learn wine terminology. You'll leave this class with the confidence to identify wines out there in the wild. Action-packed and delicious, this class is fun for everyone!

Aroma Training

Learn how to smell wine!

Tasting Vocabulary

Taste with conviction!

Old World Detection

Stone, earth, etched acidity, learn the "fingerprints!"

New World Characteristics

Fruit forward, use of wood, acid, underripe!

Learn How To Detect

Alcohol, oak, fruit/varietal, place, vintage, variation!

Demystify the wine tasting experience and build your palate! 



 1.5-2oz pours of each wine 

"It's much easier to learn about wine when the wines are top quality!" - Ian Blackburn








Which Experience Fits You Best?

Join class from anywhere! We deliver wine to your home.

How It Works
This class takes place online via Zoom. We deliver wine tasting kits to your home! Tasting Kits are carefully handled, managed, and delivered within a certain time frame to maintain their freshness by our friends at If you are outside of our Los Angeles courier delivery zone, we will also email you your tracking information so that you are aware of the expected delivery time (signature is required!). The associated Zoom link will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the virtual tasting event. We encourage you to have proper glassware to maximize your tasting experience. Tastings typically run for approximately 120 minutes but may run longer if the conversation continues, as we ask fun questions and encourage you, the audience, to participate with us LIVE and in the chat box, too!

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Being a wine anything wasn’t part of the original plan - and when you're raised in a military family, drinking wine may not be the first idea that comes to mind, either. Ian discovered the wine industry at the ripe age of 21 and didn't consider it a career option, but working for top chefs in the formidable dining rooms of early 1990s Los Angeles blew doors open - leading Ian to a career in wine education. In 1995, he started the internet’s first website dedicated to teaching the world about wine: Hosting 100 classes a year for about 20 years – Ian is finally starting to get the hang of this.

In 2009, Ian and his best friend Clay Mauritson started making wine together:; while this brand remains a small production, Ian hopes to grow Beekeeper Zinfandel into something special. Working with and around great wine brands for most of his adult-life, and leading wine tours and culinary adventures around the world - Ian loves to share his story and his passion.

When Covid shut down his event business, Ian pivoted full circle and restarted and launched as a way to bring his version of wine education and entertainment to a limitless audience. With his family’s wine store, virtual wine tastings with wine delivered "at home"; is the latest chapter in the evolution of Ian’s dedication to wine education and the wine lifestyle. This bio is a work in progress…let's see what the next vintage provides. In the meantime, Ian continues to study for his Masters of Wine and to write his next book about his journey.

Ian Blackburn
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